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Na jarenlang luisterplezier mag deze DAC nu van eigenaar wisselen.
Ik lever er nog een extra buisje bij (als afwisseling of reserve)

Waanzinnige upgrade t.o.v. iedere standaard pc/mac geluidskaart, en zal zelfs concurreren met de betere cd-spelers.

Vraagprijs: € 175,-

Er is genoeg over deze DAC te vinden op google, hier een knipsel van audioreview[punt]com

Scott Nixons USB Tube DAC is a non-oversampling, USB direct to I2s tube DAC. What does that all mean? It's a bunch of words, which used together might not make a whole lot of sense to many people, but I can translate it for you: it means Awesome Sound. Let me break down the parts:

A USB cable connects from your pc to the DAC, where the USB signal is converted to an i2s signal, the native communication protocol used in digital to analog converters. This topology excludes the commonly used sp/dif protocol, which has been widely blamed as a culprit for inducing sound wrecking 'jitter' into your digital playback system. Its tough to find a DAC that does not use the SP/DIF protocol, as it is a standard connector type used on DVD players, CD players, home theater receivers pretty much all consumer level digital audio equipment. The USB TD leaves out the SP/DIF. As a result of the exclusion of SP/DIF, you cant hook up any other gear to this unit. Its USB only. No CDs, DVDs, or mini-disc players (does anyone actually have one of those?), nothing but your Windows PC or Mac. 

Now the non-oversampling, thats all in the DAC chip itself. It involves a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo you dont understand or really care to read (OK, I dont understand it. If I did would be an engineer, and not a lousy "reviewer"). Suffice to say, its a minimalist approach to signal processing. Seeing a theme here? The design objective is to get the DAC the heck out of the way of the music signal. Take the signal, squeeze every last bit of music out of it, and pass it on. No fancy processing, no unnecessary circuitry, no tricks. As designer Scott Nixon puts it: Its not rocket surgery! Just good audio with brain science behind it! At the end of the chain is one little 12ax7 vacuum tube to take the edge off the sound. It kind of goes against the "minimalist" approach of the rest of the circuit, but it helps to smooth out any digital nastiness that might be left in the signal. Scott Nixon also has a nearly identical model minus the tube buffer, at a lower price. 

Setup couldn't be easier. On both Windows and Macintosh computers, it was literally plug and play. No problems what so ever. Contrast this with the nightmarish setup issues I had with the Apple and Squeezebox wireless music servers, and the Scott Nixon scored some points over those devices right off the bat. 


The results of Scott Nixon's approach are superb. This is a lively little music-making beast. 

Its got great dynamics, able to rock out and bump up and down, all the while letting subtle layers of detail sneak out into the room in between the healthy, robust beats. Enormously detailed and dynamic, music jumps out of the speakers and dazzles you. 

It is also nearly completely absent of that digital harshness that we are so accustomed to, that drives us to spend ridiculous sums of money on our audio systems, and still others to pursue vinyl more than 20 years after the advent of the Compact Disc, and causes your wife to tell you to turn down the stereo (she has better hearing than you). 

We want our systems rock, but we dont want that grating irritation that so often comes with almost any digital based system. Usually, theres a tradeoff involved. Your system can be aggressive and detailed and rock the rafters, but it will come at the expense of listenability. After a while, it starts to become irritating, and you want to turn it down or off. The alternative is traditionally a smooth sounding, inoffensive component that is polite but lacking in detail and dynamics. 

The USBTD is one of the first components I have had in my home that seems to get both right. Granted, I dont have much experience with megabuck gear, but this is not a megabuck piece, either. At $475, its not petty cash, but for the performance you get, its pretty spectacular. It's safe to say that it beats all of my digital gear, which includes a number of components ranging anywhere in price from $200 - $1000. 

The next comparison is with my old Thorens turntable. Ever my reference, digital components rarely beat it. The USBTD is good, but I can report with certainty that the Thorens remains the champ in the house. Up against this 25 year old record player, the USBTD sounded a bit grainy and irritating by comparison. The Thorens smooth, dynamic, wide open sound with infinite resolution is always a breath of fresh air. Those digital yuckies, however well suppressed in the USBTD, are unfortunately still lurking. 


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